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Unmatched monetization tools.

The MAZ system provides all of the tools to create and capture new lines of revenue from your mobile app experiences.

Flexible paywalls

Let casual users preview premium content and features, with metered paywalls by time or content amount. Then deliver a beautiful experience for your dedicated subscriber base.

Powerful ad integrations

MAZ comes with built in integrations with top ad services like Google Ad Manager, Spot X, IAB Compliance, native sponsorship tools and so much more.

Cross-device tracking

With MAZ, you can sync your content across devices and track subscribers wherever they go. This creates amazing marketing segmentation opportunities for your business.


MAZ ID helps you sync content across devices and track subscribers across sessions. The audience segmentation and targeting opportunities are huge.

Sync across platforms

Give your users a seamless experience by tracking their saved content, purchases, and progress across platforms

Meet your users

Export user data for re-marketing and data centralization. A CSV will be emailed to authorized users in your company.

Target your audience

Send push notifications and banners to different user segments based on subscription status.

Let's Step It Up.

Get a world-class media app with MAZ.